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About Us


Macchinga was founded in 2014 with a passion for engine renewal; brings its innovative spirit to fashion.

We set out to fill the need to purchase a quality product at an affordable price, which is the result of the fashion sector that we are in, selling quality and high cost products to individuals.

In Macchinga, which we have developed with the aim of offering products produced from first class quality materials that people are looking for at an affordable price; we have embarked on a digital journey by combining digital platform and production.

In this digital journey, our biggest goal is to present the products we produce with low profit margins to the consumer. Become a partner in our story with Macchinga, which equally values environment, creativity, employees, consumers and quality and we build on these values.


Delivering quality textile products from the factory to the consumer without intermediaries.


Creating an ecosystem where goods like shop rent, dues, various retail expenses, dealers, etc., without price raising are shipped directly from the factory to the consumer.